Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thing #3 How do I pick one?

Blogs are pieces of writings, long or short, on any topic. Those who read them decide what they want to do: simply read, add more information, make a comment, agree or disagree. Some blogs have hot button questions that get readers thinking and wanting to discuss the topic further. A good example of this is dy/dan (Mr. Meyer) and his Why I don't assing homework blog. Other blogs may simply be a compilation of interesting facts, information, pictures, etc. Since I am a language teacher, I find myself attracted to teaching and cultural blogs like: The language learning blog and Ecuador por descubrir

Thing #2 Creating a blog

I created this blog using "Blogger". The blog you are looking at now.
Pretty easy....followed the site instructions.
You can do it, I did!
Follow the steps:
1. Create an account
2. Pick a name for your blog.
3. Select a template: this is how you want your blog to look.
4. Start blogging.....writing, adding pictures, videos, links, etc.

Blogging is part of the web 2.0 stuff.
I like these interactive things......I like: wikis, YouTube, pod casts, blogs, social nets...and I'm willing to learn more!

Thing #1 Web 2.0

Two years ago I attended a web 2.0 seminar, and to my surprise found out I was already using many tools. So....what is web 2.0? It is being able to interact with others through sharing opinions, music, photos, videos, writings, readings, etc.