Monday, February 8, 2010

Thing #4 Making comments on other blogs

I have been fascinated to read the many blogs my colleagues have been interesting.

I agree with Vickie Davis AKA "Cool Cat Teacher" that it is important and very nice to write and receive meaningful comments. I am not good at making comments. I guess I worry my comment might be lame or dumb. I am learning and trying to be bolder. Actually Facebook has helped me realize that it is not necessary to write long comments. The important thing is to be thoughtful.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thing #3 How do I pick one?

Blogs are pieces of writings, long or short, on any topic. Those who read them decide what they want to do: simply read, add more information, make a comment, agree or disagree. Some blogs have hot button questions that get readers thinking and wanting to discuss the topic further. A good example of this is dy/dan (Mr. Meyer) and his Why I don't assing homework blog. Other blogs may simply be a compilation of interesting facts, information, pictures, etc. Since I am a language teacher, I find myself attracted to teaching and cultural blogs like: The language learning blog and Ecuador por descubrir

Thing #2 Creating a blog

I created this blog using "Blogger". The blog you are looking at now.
Pretty easy....followed the site instructions.
You can do it, I did!
Follow the steps:
1. Create an account
2. Pick a name for your blog.
3. Select a template: this is how you want your blog to look.
4. Start blogging.....writing, adding pictures, videos, links, etc.

Blogging is part of the web 2.0 stuff.
I like these interactive things......I like: wikis, YouTube, pod casts, blogs, social nets...and I'm willing to learn more!

Thing #1 Web 2.0

Two years ago I attended a web 2.0 seminar, and to my surprise found out I was already using many tools. So....what is web 2.0? It is being able to interact with others through sharing opinions, music, photos, videos, writings, readings, etc.